Dr. Berman Keeping Intimacy Tips – Bring Back The Loving Feeling with KY

Intimacy and relationship expert, Dr. Laura Berman points out that schedules, kids and the daily stresses of life can all take a toll on intimacy in a relationship, and how one can bring that loving feeling back.
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It’s easy to keep the connection strong in the beginning of a relationship. It’s what scientists call the “infatuation stage.” But after a while, when much of the initial sheen of the relationship has worn off it’s really hard to make time and keep that connection strong.
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Couples can find themselves in a stalemate, that often comes from a misunderstanding of how men and women express intimacy to each other. The emotional closeness women get from kissing, cuddling and sharing, men get from the physical act of sex.
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So when you’re not having sex in a relationship, he doesn’t have that means to feel romantically and emotionally close to you, and the less emotionally to you he is, the less she wants to have sex. Dr. Berman says, trying new things is one way to start getting that excitement back. K-Y conducted studies that show 60% of people are really longing to recreate that feeling of falling back in love. Trying something new, in the bedroom or even outside of the bedroom, stimulates the dopamine centers in the brain, the same places that light up when you’re in love.
Dr. Berman recommends opening your mind to new possibilities. By visiting your local drug store you can find many things, like the K-Y Yours and Mine Lubricant, step a little out of your comfort zone and find a deeper connection.
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For more from Dr. Berman check out one of her many books or visit her website, LauraBermanPhd.com.