Going Green with Sophie Uliano

Environmentalist Sophie Uliano joins us in-studio to talk about “Going Green,” and to share some great tips about where and how to start.
A lot of people hear about “Green” and might think it’s a little overwhelming and hard to do. Sophie Uliano’s passion has been to show how easy it is to take simple steps that can really make a difference. This led her to write “The Gorgeously Green Diet.”
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Simple tips for every day that make a big difference, while saving money. Her #1 tip is to reduce the amount of disposables you bring into the kitchen, such as disposable bags, plastic containers and foil. Instead invest in a set of glass storage containers.
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Glass is a very eco-friendly material, it’s stain and odor proof, making it perfect for storing. Sophie Uliano recommends Pyrex for a great line of storage containers.
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With a variety of sizes and leak proof lids that are B.P.A free, Pyrex makes transporting a breeze.
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Sophie Uliano is a New York Times’ Best Selling Author, with such titles as “Gorgeously Green,” “The Gorgeously Green Diet,” and “Do it Gorgeously.” For more information and some great tips on going green, visit www.gorgeouslygreen.com.