“Fast Forward,” A Publication For Kids by Kids

“For kids, by kids.” That has been the mission of this Marin County paper for the pas 20 years. Winifred Mcleod started the paper, when here daughter asked the question, “Why can’t kids have their own magazine?”

She published the paper to help give kids a voice and a vision, stressing that they are not writing for adults, but for other kids. Each month, Fast Forward puts out 20,000 papers to public and private schools in Marin County. Fast Forward is propelling pupils to pursue their passion, arming them with the art of interviewing.
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Writing stories and sharing them with over 20,000 readers every month has been great for kids self esteem. Kids have interviewed the likes of Kobe Bryant and Anne Hathaway. From writing headlines to making them, Fast Forward alum includes a Harvard grad and a 14 year old app developer.

Fast Forward is always looking for their next generation of journalist, so if you want to be on the team log onto to FastForwardWeb.com.