Wait Until You Find Out Who the Famous Dodger Bear Is!

You may remember the Dodger bear fan. California Life HD’s David Wylie takes a closer look.
When the Dodger’s were in a heated playoff game, is when a guy in a bear costume jumped on the dugout roof to fire up the fans. The crazy dance got the crowd going, and the stunt got nationwide media attention and the video quickly went viral. The world later found out that the man in the costume was none other than local Rancho Cucamonga businessman, Mark Monninger owner of Hoppers Office Furniture.

It has always been a dream of Mark to be a professional mascot for a major league team. After finding out the Dodgers were not interested in a mascot, he decided to take it in to his own hands and give them an audition on the nationally televised stage. Interestingly enough, Mark has mascot experience as Tremor, the mascot for the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes.
The brief routine has made Mark a local celebrity and brought some extra attention to Hoppers Office Furniture. Though daring, Mark says it’s part of his philosophy in life.

You can have a dream or something you’d like to do or do differently. But the universe doesn’t reward you unless you go out and do it. You can hope and think or pray and maybe something good will happen. But unless you take action yourself to make it happen, it’s not going to happen.