Turn Your Small Business Around in 2018 With These Tips

Owning your own business isn’t easy and many business owners are struggling to stay on top. That’s why California Life invited Ileana Roman, Chief Operations Officer of CoPower Management and author of the internationally recognized book Turnaround Strategies for Customer Centric Operations, to our studio to share some tips on how to keep your company competitive.

“Even the best-managed companies can have difficulties or can find themselves on the brink at some point,” Roman said. “What they all have in common though, are two things. One, is that they need to become a different company… The second, is their leaders need to accept the fact that they are facing a crisis and they need to take action fast,” Roman said.

To learn some of Roman’s proven turnaround strategies, check out our story below. It’s airing across the globe this week on California Life!