In Memory of Sergeant Joshua Ashley


We remember Corporal Joshua R. Ashley, United States Marine Corps, 23, of Rancho Cucamonga, California on our show this week.

Corporal Joshua Ryan Ashley died July 19, 2012, while conducting combat operations near Zombalay, in Helmand province, Afghanistan. Corporal Ashley was with his military dog Sirius, a 4-year-old female German Shepherd, when he was killed. MWD Sirius survived the incident.

After training together in Camp Legume in North Carolina, Joshua and Sirius were deployed to the front lines in Afghanistan. Tammie Ashley, Joshua’s mother, recalls in the segment below, that up until his last day, Josh would skype with his family daily. On their last conversation, Josh told her he needed her to take Sirius to keep him safe so he could adopt him when he was able to. When Tammie received the news, she immediately moved forward with the adoption process for her son’s dog.

After Josh’s passing, his family and local community welcomed Sirius back home with open arms. This year, Josh and the now 10-year-old Sirius were recognized and honored as heroes at the 2018 Rose Parade.  Sirius rode alongside Sgt. Ashley’s mother Tammie Ashley on the float.

Tammie shares in the segment below, “For me this is all about my son not being forgotten.”

We’re proud to share the full story about Josh and Sirius on our show this week. Watch more below.

Marine Sgt. Joshua Ashley and Sirius

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Photo Credit: PBS