The Rallye Aïche Des Gazelles: the race across the Sahara Desert


Imagine racing across the Sahara Desert with only a 4 X 4, a small team, a compass and a map. The Rallye Aïche des Gazelles in Morocco allows participants to be apart of this thrilling experience. 

Created in 1990, the Rallye Aïche des Gazelles is the most well-known Morocco Motorsport event and is quickly becoming known worldwide.

Our reporter Marco Gutierrez takes us to the 28th annual Rallye Aicha des Gazelles the race across Morocco, exclusive to women racers. Eighty percent of the participants were first-timers. This event promotes and is built on values of tolerance, solidarity and determination.

The point of the race is to navigate quickly and efficiently across hundreds of miles of sand. Teams are on a mission to drive the shortest distance possible across the 678 miles of sand dunes with no GPS. Racers in the event drive 4X4’s, use compasses and old school maps to navigate their way to the finish line.

The Rallye Aïche des Gazzelles is more than a challenge of speed — it’s a challenge of mental dexterity. Racers are put in a situation where they rely on wits and navigation skills alone to survive the Sahara.

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