Disney’s experience-driven family vacations


Family travel is on the rise! In fact, almost 27% of families are planning on taking 3 or more vacations in the next year. Plus, it’s summertime which means vacation time. Disney travel expert Jeanenne Tornator is in studio talking travel and giving insight on the best way to plan your next family vacation.

Many people are seeking new, experience-oriented destinations this year. So, instead of a destination approach, families are looking for what they can experience together, as a family on their trip.

Luckily, big brands like Disney are embracing this new vacation experience trend. In addition to the parks, Disney has created Disney Cruise Line and Adventures by Disney. These vacation options have curated tours to allow vacationers to have unique, immersive experiences.

Further, this brings an educational aspect to a vacation. As families go through different stages of life, experience-driven vacations provide a learning experience. Disney provides different kinds of adventures for different stages of life.

Tornator’s tips

  1. Know the cheapest time to go! Early June and late August are both great times.
  2. Broaden your lodging options. There are so many more options than hotels. Disney has many different lodging options. For example, resorts like Disney’s Aulani where different generations of one’s family are able to have there own space on the same property.

Disney also has numerous cruise options. For example, in Southern California there is a cruise out of San Diego. The best party of cruises is the fact that they are all inclusive. There’s no pressure to plan the next adventure.