Learn to swim with an Olympic gold medalist


Two-time Olympic gold medalist and USA Swimming Foundation Ambassador Elizabeth Beisel gives insight on how Swimways is working with USA Swimming Foundation on taking steps to prevent drowning.

Summer is near which means many families will be headed to the pool, the lake or the beach.  This time of year it is so important to make sure young children are able to swim.

However, according to the Source Centers for Disease Control 3,536 people drown in the United States every year — many people children. In fact, the leading cause of death from ages 1 — 4 is drowning.

Swimways plans on changing this alarming statistic as the annual Swimdays learn to swim day was held in May.

Beisel said this is a way to focus on getting children and adults in the water. With summer approaching there is no better time for people of all ages to start getting comfortable around the water.

It is important that people of all ages know how to swim as there are family barriers when it comes to getting in the water. If a parent in a household does not know how to swim there is a 70% chance their children will not either.

Furthermore, learning how to swim does not only improve safety! Studies show that learning how to swim before the age of 5 have better cognitive function, better motor skills and even better mathematic skills. This allows children to use their brain in a way they usually would not.

Overall, swimming is not only a great activity but a safety precaution. This life saving skill allows everyone to have more fun in or near the water. Swimming allows boating or going to the beach to be a comfortable, safe experience.

For more information on the benefits of learning how to swim visit teachmetoswim.com USAswimmingfoundation.org and watch the latest episode of California Life!