Explore the City of Sausalito


Just 10 minutes from Downtown San Fransisco is the picturesque shoreline of Sausalito. Known around the world for it’s Mediterranean flare and amazing views, the city is only 2 square miles long. However, there is nothing small about Sausalito.

Sausalito is home to nearly 7,500 people, but it is more than a prestigious address. It’s breathtaking views, proximity to San Fransisco and world class resorts prove this city to be a hidden gem in the heart of Northern California.

With it’s million dollar water front homes, many have described it as enchanting, impressive and even quaint. However, there is depth and a rich history to this seemingly perfect city.

Sausalito was first incorporated in 1893 and was given it’s name by Spanish explorers, which translates to “little willow grove.”  Further, Sausalito is more than just a vacation destination! The city is the reason why the Golden Gate Bridge was built. The city effortlessly combines old world classic character with new world charm.

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The city’s roots are from bohemian, artistic influence which is very much present today. The city has 20 restaurants, 30 boutiques and countless outdoor activities. Sausalito is a wonderful place to call home, even if it is just for a night.

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