Sailing across the Nation with the NOOD Regatta

Audra Stafford takes us to the San Diego Bay for a behind the scenes look at the NOOD Regatta, the Nation’s largest sailboat racing series.

After 30 years on the water, the national offshore one design Regatta is showing no signs of slowing down.

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From San Diego to St. Petersburg the NOOD Regatta is what ties the major cities and major premier yacht clubs.

Each event has it’s own unique character depending on which city it takes place in.

Though the scenery changes from location to location, the rules stay the same. The boats have to follow the same design with white color and sails — the boats are equals so the difference in performance lies with the skill of the crew.

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Sailors can enjoy being out on the water, while disconnecting with stress and being hyperaware of how the boat is saying.

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