Festival del Sole blends food, wine and music into a perfect harmony


Every summer Napa celebrates the census with the Festival del Sole. The festival blends wine, food and music featuring concerts by some of the worlds most celebrated artists.

via Festical Napa Valley

Monique Soltani introduces us to one of the many emerging artists at this years festival.

In this region, wine is typically at this tips of everyone’s tongues, but during the Festival del Sole, music takes center stage.

Tatiana Copeland, president of Bouchaine Vineyards, has music in her heritage and make it her mission to pass on her passion.

Copeland hosts the Festival del Sol, introducing new artists and celebrating loved ones, each year.

This year, all eyes are on one new emerging artist. World-class cellist Johannes Moser was born in Munich, Germany and picked up the cello at 8 years old. He says the secret to his success starts with a fire within.

Johannes is committed to sharing his passion with younger generations, and says he finds the Festival del Sole a great way to do so.

The Festival del Sole is a harmony of music, wine and food celebrating the art of life.

This years Festival del Sole will be taking place from July 20 — 29. To find out more about the festival click here or watch the latest episode of California Life.