Burn some rubber at Thursday Night Drift in Riverside


Drifting has become a popular sport among younger crowds in the state of California.

If the idea of getting as wild as you can appeals to you, then the Thursday Night Drift in the Adams Motorsports Park in Riverside is what you might be looking for.

Every week, gear heads young and old, get a thrill to see who can keep their car sideways with tires blazing. Most of these drivers are pure amateurs who are searching for that adrenaline rush in a controlled, inexpensive setting.

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While professional drifters may get more fame and glory, these racers are just as thrilled to have a chance to participate in this fast-paced sport.

Drifting is a mix of tires, crashes, fast-cars and adrenaline.

However, this weekly event is not just for the wanna-be drifter. Even full-time professionals like Sam Hubinette will take a few laps around the track his technique he uses all around the globe in professional drifting.

Thursday Night Drift is fairly cheap, only costing about $20 to get your car out on the track. However, replacing a tire may cost a bit more.

If you’re looking to burn some rubber check out Thursday Night Drift in Riverside and watch the latest episode of California Life!