Paul Martin’s American Grill comes to Rancho Cucamonga


There is a new restaurant taking Rancho Cucamonga by storm — it’s called Paul Martin’s American Grill in Victoria Gardens.

The restaurant was founded by Paul Fleming who also owns Fleming’s Stake House and P.F. Changs. However, Paul Martin’s offers a different type of atmosphere.

Paul Martin’s is a casual restaurant that serves the best ingredients for a fine-dinging experience.

image via Paul Martin's American Grill

With a motto of seasonal and delicious, Paul Martin’s serves fresh seafood using sustainable fisheries, free-range, natural meats and poultry along with fresh produce. Paul Martin’s also has a fully stocked bar with artisan cocktails made with home-infused liquors and craft beers.

Paul Martin’s has great ratings on review sites like Yelp. People are raving about the great taste, service and the extensive wine list.

The restaurant also has specials, which can make the fine-dining experience more affordable.

While Paul Martin’s started in Roseville, California, when they were looking to expand to the Inland Empire, Rancho Cucamonga was an easy choice.

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