Win a Trip to Puerto Vallarta


Puerto Vallarta is currently celebrating its centennial with travel prices that are better than ever. Check out for a variety of last minute deals and travel tips to take part in all the delicious and luxurious fun. Plus, one lucky viewer has the chance to win a trip for two starting this week on California Life.

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The dreamy landscape alone is worth the trip— watch reporter Marco Gutierrez explore what the authentic culinary side of Puerto Vallarta entails. Getting a taste of local dishes from recipes passed on from generation to generation, Vallarta Food Tours are an excellent way to truly see all that the city has to offer.

Street tacos have never looked better! Marco Gutierrez follows a food guide around Puerto Vallarta where a variety of tacos prove that Mexico does not play around when it comes to flavor. First stop—a small street taco stand serving delicious salsa with a kick atop their original family recipe. Next, a local favorite called volcano tacos, which is as packed full of flavor as the name suggests. Finally— tacos al pastor, otherwise known as the king tacos, takes it back to the late 1930s when Lebanese immigrants began to influence Mexican culture and food.

Each taco stand provides tourists a taste of the local flavor. There has never been an easier way experience the beauty of Mexico. Between the family recipes and extraordinary sights, Puerto Vallarta is a must see travel destination.