Sports Legend Terry Bradshaw Kicks Off Football Season Right with New Campaign


Adults 65 or older are over 10 times more likely to be hospitalized with pneumococcal pneumonia than adults 18-49.

California Life HD discussed the potential dangers and preventative measures to stay active and healthy with football legend and Fox NFL Analyst Terry Bradshaw. It’s not surprising that he is on a mission to drive awareness among adults 65 or older about their increased risk for pneumococcal pneumonia due to his desire to live a long and full life at every age.

Staying active and healthy has always been a priority for Bradshaw. He is participating in an educational campaign, All About Your Boom, which aims to educate Baby Boomers about the potential impact of this serious illness that can strike at any time, and how Boomers can take steps to help prevent it.

In a light-hearted and comical campaign video Terry Bradshaw gives viewers all the facts that they need to know including what the signs and symptoms are and how to prevent the pneumonia. A major way in which people can maintain a healthy and active lifestyle is by getting the pneumococcal pneumonia vaccine and getting regular check-ups at the doctor.