‘Unstoppable: Challenge Accepted’ takes a look into the inspirational life of Tariku Bogale


Tariku Bogale is a man from humble beginnings who has turned his life into an entrepreneurial success story. Bogale was raised in the poverty of Ethiopia and is now a top  author, CEO and film producer here in the United States.

Read about Bogale’s incredible rags to riches journey in his new autobiography UNSTOPPABLE: Challenge Accepted available wherever books are sold including Amazon and Barnes & Noble

UNSTOPPABLE: Challenge Accepted takes a look into how Bogale was born into poverty, funded his own education and became CEO of numerous companies. His story is one of struggle, determination and hard-work.

Bogale’s diverse range of knowledge of business and social entrepreneurship will inspire readers and dreamers alike. Bogale is also a man of giving back — $1 from book proceeds from global sales benefits the Peace Corps. Bogale also supports the Now or Never African Wildlife Trust, the Unearth Experience and Youth 4 African Wildlife.

In addition to his autobiography, Bogale was also the writer, producer and lead actor in the 2017 film Bloodline: Now or Never, which came to theaters last November. This film shed a light on the atrocities of illegal rhino poaching.

Learn more about Bogale’s incredible journey in UNSTOPPABLE: Challenge Accepted here.