Cheryl Hines Advocates for Painfully Awkward Conversations


The comedic actress is recognizable from her role on¬†Curb Your Enthusiasm as well as a variety of other TV shows and Movies. Now the two-time Emmy nominee is taking time out from her acting projects to help with a campaign called Painfully Awkward Conversations. It’s designed to raise awareness for women suffering with painful sex due to menopause.

Alongside AMAG Pharmaceuticals, Cheryl Hines shot a series of hilarious video shorts which encourage women to talk about painful sex that they might be having after menopause. This is the awkward conversation surrounding an issue that effects roughly 32 million women.

Without recognition of menopause’s effect on women’s bodies, it can get worse without treatment. Unfortunately, left untreated these effects will not go away like other side effects such as night sweats or hot flashes.

Talking to your doctor about painful sex provides treatment options that will improve your health.

Check out Cheryl Hines new campaign video HERE. And, watch the video below for an interview with Hines and Dr. Marla Shapiro below.