Love Like Dawson Proceeds are Spreading Love Around the World


Dawson’s love is unconditional, it is loyal, it is forgiving, it is warm, it is free.

Love Like Dawson has reached children living in poverty around the globe. Thanks to the donations and fundraising that has provided the means for those who choose to Love Like Dawson through selfless relief efforts in Haiti, Thailand, Cambodia and Nepal. Within the U.S. there are also efforts being made in Houston, Texas and Hawaii to help impoverished children and hurricane victims.

Before Dawson Hartwig’s passing at the age of 20, he was planning on going to on a mission trip to Thailand. His life and legacy of unconditional love has not stopped thanks to the outpouring of donations to the Love Like Dawson charity which has brought hope to children living in poverty.

Jeremiah Hartwig is currently participating in relief efforts for children in Hawaii alongside Surfing the Nations. Dawson’s younger brother, has also spread love on mission trips to Haiti that have the lives of the Haitian children forever.

All proceeds from Dawson’s charity are being donated to Global Outreach at Water of Life in Fontana CA. If you feel called to donated to Dawson’s charity click HERE to help children in need.

Dawson was a lover since day 1 in so many different ways. While he had tough skin, he had a HUGE heart and loved and cared for others in ways that many of us don’t know. Those of us that were close to Dawson got a glimpse of the love he had and it was inspiring. He put others above himself and was a man of immense integrity. He could almost sense when those around him were hurting and he would be there to show them love. There are so many lives that were changed because of his love including each of ours. His impact was enough to last a lifetime. He makes us want to live better and love better so we encourage you to intentionally Love Like Dawson in his absence.

Loving Like Dawson is about more than donating, it is the choice to love everyone each day just like Dawson.