California Life HD is Excited and Honored to Make “Top 50 California Youtube Channels”


It will always be a pleasure bringing you the Best of California, and today it is 50 Times sweeter! 

A recent announcement was made on October 22, 2018 that California Life HD has been honored on FeedSpot’s Top 50 California Youtube Channels. The list includes a variety of Blogs and Youtube channels that we are excited to be ranked alongside including Visit California, California State Parks and USC— just to name a few. 

The list was determined according to 1) total Youtube channel subscribers, video views, and video uploads 2) quality and consistency of videos 3) Youtube search ranking 4) FeedSpot editorial team objective and subjective review.

California is a beautiful state that has such a diverse range of stories to tell. We are grateful to be a part of your California journey, no matter where you live. The Golden State ceases to amaze California Life HD with every person and place we have the privilege to explore on the show. Thanks to the passion behind California Life HD we have exceeded the state’s borders to explore more destinations and experiences such as Patagonia Camp and the Centennial Celebration in Puerto Vallarta. We are excited to offer content that highlights the beauty of our beloved California as well as around the world.

Stay tuned for more coverage from California Life HD with Heather Dawson!