Wear Blue to Support Children’s Grief Awareness Day with KinderMourn


When a child dies, when a child grieves, there is HELP, there is HOPE.

KinderMourn is bringing awareness to the grief process surrounding the death of a child, as well as children who are experiencing grief. Thursday, November 15th is Children’s Grief Awareness Day.

1 in 20 kids will lose a parent, and 1 in 5 will lose someone close to them before they graduate High School. KinderMourn aims to provide the emotional support necessary to help children through the grieving process.

The movement is getting its start in Charlotte, North Carolina thanks to Mayor Vi Lyles’s recent proclamation for a day dedicated to spread awareness of the tragedy that too many families, loved ones and children experience.

To participate, KinderMourn asks you to wear blue in solidarity and to spread awareness about this difficult matter. Often times in grief, even small acts of support can make a great difference. This day provides an opportunity to make sure children receive the support that they need.

Please join us in wearing blue on November 15th and show your support by posting a picture to Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #CGADkindermourn.

If you or someone you know needs support please call 704.376.2580 for help.