A Look Back at The Science of Gingerbread at The Discovery Science Center in OC

Well tis’ the season for gingerbread lovers! Jonathan Camus takes us to a unique gingerbread experience at the Discovery Science Center in the OC.
Have you noticed that giant ominous gingerbread man hovering over the five freeway? Well if you take the Main Street exit you’ll find that the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana is holding their annual science of Gingerbread exhibit. Just follow the scent of gingerbread to find all kinds of family fun, including a display of gingerbread houses. The Discovery Science Center never looked better but the crowning jewel of the showroom floor belongs to this magnificent structure.

The creator known as the gingerbread lady is looking to win her third consecutive grand prize. I’d say she has a shot. There are quite a few hands-on demonstrations but hands off the gingerbread houses. Kids can also learn a difference between sweet flour which, is very gooey and pliable and then flour which can be very grainy and may be hard to work with. On the way out get lost in the Candyland maze. Put on your 3d glasses and watch the magic of gingerbread come to life. Hungry? Wonder if that giant gingerbread man is actually edible?