Amazing Back Country Skiing and a Culinary Experience that Matches

Airing: Episode 478, Week of Saturday January 19, 2019
Joining Heather Dawson at the top of chair five at beautiful Telluride Colorado is Jake Lindenmayer to tell us not only about the amazing restaurant there but all of the culinary experiences in Telluride which are a cut above the rest.
They have strived to become not only the best skiing destination but the best culinary destination so this restaurant is their take on country French haute cuisine or high altitude cuisine. To Telluride all of our food here is based on the high regions kind of bordering Italia Italy and France.
So the Haute Savoie is cassoulet which is with duck confit and lamb stews. They use lamb that actually sees pastures where they’re raised from the mountain here, yes bon vivant is more of a philosophy than it is anything else. It’s a person who loves life and loves food and wine and art and experience. What they’ve done here is an interpretation of that if you’re here skiing and bought into the philosophy, you know you love life, you love what life brings. Fine wine, food and hot chocolate, whether it’s fine dining or family, they’ve made a real effort in Telluride to have restaurants that appeal to everyone.
Carano is a little bit further down the hill and that’s an old sheep herder barn from this region. That’s where you go for your big bowls of chili and great burgers. You come to Bomba Von for great French wines and cassoulet ‘s and stews up on the very top of the mountain.
A little further down is the gondola line, that connects Telluride with the mountain village. A fine dining restaurant which has two views over town, and the Prospect right beyond that Ridge, which is a grab and go soups and salads. You have some unique dining experiences.
Alpena Vino was originally built on a mining claim and it’s a small little stone and wood structure built very much in traditional Alpine style. You can either choose wine courses, and it’s five courses and then ride back down.
There’s real commitment here with the the ski company to have these intimate smaller restaurants rather than the big food court style restaurants. Telluride has just always been very independent-minded. The backcountry here is fantastic and now you have a culinary experience that matches what is the famous quote, “Some people ski to eat and some eat to ski”
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