The Month of January is “Wave Season” – Get More for Your Money Booking Travel

Airing: Episode 478, Week of Saturday January 19, 2019
Americans are eager to travel according to recent AARP research on travel trends. Lifestyle expert Kea Malone explains why people are booking trips for 2019 earlier than in years past. You get more for your money and more options by booking your vacation early. Right now you get first dibs on things like airfare and flight options, room or even cabin categories and upgrades.

Booking early gives you more time to plan your itinerary and in the case of cruising, more time to plan excursions and take advantage of incentives.
The month of January is considered “wave season” in the travel industry because the amazing deals available on cruises. Viking is offering special cruise fares on some of its most popular river cruise itineraries and some huge discounts on flights. One of the most popular itineraries is on the Danube River, that comes with round-trip international airfare for $599 a person. So if this is on your bucket list do it now go to to learn more and check out the amazing destinations.
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