Head Coach of the Seattle Hawks Pete Carroll – A Better LA

Airing: Episode 479, Week of Saturday January 26, 2019
The NFL doesn’t only just come down to the Big Game, we speak with coach Pete Carroll about his contributions off the field right here in California.
As Pete Carroll learned a long time ago, it all depends on how you look at it. Peter Clay Carroll grew up in a suburb of San Francisco California. He had such a great family support system that kept things in the in line for him.
Carroll found success as an assistant with the 49ers. In 2000 Pete Carroll took the job that would make him a Southern California icon and a two-time national champion, head coach of the USC Trojans. He found a way to channel his high energy an optimistic approach creating an atmosphere for his players that would inspire success. Carroll describes the process an empowerment process that really is trying to build people up to become the best that they can.
Carroll found a way to bring his team’s environment of hope to the streets of South Central Los Angeles, with a program called A Better LA, a non-profit committed to supporting Los Angeles communities and redirecting gang members from negative to positive activities and positive visions for their future.
Carroll says his players love it as much as the kids do, they look back to when they were kids, so they make a good effort to connect with them.
Pete Carroll is always scouting if not for athletic prowess, then for motivated members of the community to help lead the effort to focus energies away from crime and gangs and on to improving their lives.
Pete Carroll just keeps looking ahead not just thinking something good is about to happen, but making it happen for California.
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