I Wear Black for Tina


Melanoma is one of the most common cancers in young adults, and especially women. Did you know that if you have used a tanning bed before the age of 35 your are at 80% higher risk of melanoma?

Our friend Tina enjoyed her youth in tanning beds and soaking up the California sun, but at a high cost. She has recently been diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma. Today, we wear black for Tina as she fights for her life.

Spending time outside in the sunshine without sunscreen protection can have risky effects. 1 in 5 Americans will get skin cancer, which is the most common form of cancer. The ultraviolet rays from the sun can be attributed to these statistics.

Tina Marie Shelton’s mother had melanoma, and warned her about the dangers of tanning and sunbathing. Tina recalls feeling invincible against the cancer as a teen. Unfortunately, after a fight with a serious mole, it was discovered that Tina had Stage 4 melanoma cancer.

During a period of remission, Tina discovered an inspirational young woman named Chloe Thompson who fought her melanoma diagnoses at 19 years old fiercely. Thompson was an outgoing member of the United States Air Force. Chloe’s mother, Michelle Thompson, remembers everyone’s shock when Chloe passed away at 22 because she fought the cancer so incredibly well and with such bravery. The diagnoses never stopped Chloe Thompson from living life to the fullest, and she is remembered as a Warrior who continues to inspire.

It is important to be aware of the warning signs of melanoma.

–Fair skinned people with red or blonde hair and blue eyes are at higher risk.

–Warning signs include large, irregular and fast growing moles.

–More than 9000 Americans will die this year.

–Survival rate is very good with early detection.

Learn more about Tina and Chloe’s inspiring stories in the segment below.