We’re Counting Down the Five Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes


Halloween is an exciting time of the year as the leaves are changing, the excess candy piling up in trick-or-treater’s bags and the chance to become anything you wish for one night.

Picking the annual Halloween costume can be a daunting task. Popular stores such as Target or Party City have pre-made attires which feature an ensemble of disturbingly scary and outrageously funny costumes that make it easy to prepare for the big day.

Another route, which is much more unique and allows for an assortment of options is a homemade costume. Parents and children have worked together creating a costume at home that suits them perfectly for years.

Inspiration is important regardless of whether your costume is store bought or homemade. Pop culture is always a great place to start looking for the costume of your Halloween dreams. Whether it is a political statement like Katy Perry’s Hillary Clinton, a running joke or an homage to their personal heroes similar to Chance the Rapper, celebrities know how to do Halloween Costumes right! Or, check out Brit + Co’s website and Instagram to see how the Queen of DIY dresses up for the holiday.

Still having trouble deciding what to wear? Feel free to take some notes from Five Celebrity Halloween Costumes that we are counting down in the segment below!