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Five Reasons to Give to Charity – #LoveLikeDawson

#LoveLikeDawson is a place for all of Dawson Hartwig’s friends and family to come join in community and prayer. Today would have been Dawson’s birthday. If you feel led to give anything in Dawson’s memory – Dawson had planned on going on a mission trip last summer to Thailand. Our mission is to raise money for children around the world in Dawson’s honor because Dawson had a heart for others no matter who they were or where they were from.

Give A Gift That Gives Back To Children In Need With The #LoveLikeDawson Campaign

Each day, thousands of children across the globe go without food, water, shelter, and protection. No matter what their circumstance is, you can do your part by giving a gift that gives back this holiday season with #LoveLikeDawson. The #LoveLikeDawson campaign is a non-profit organization that has spread across the globe – influencing …

Help us Spread Dawson’s Love in 4 Easy Steps

Please help us grow the LoveLikeDawson Charity by completing the 4 easy steps below. The new LoveLikeDawson donates 100% of funds raised to those in need.   LoveLikeDawson is currently sending donations to help those affected by the recent Hurricanes in Texas and Florida. Please use these pages below to post pictures, stories, or other words about Dawson Hartwig. …

The #LoveLikeDawson Campaign has helped the children of Thailand and America’s homeless population

The #LoveLikeDawson campaign has spread across the globe – influencing others to love in a selfless, unconditional way. Dawson Hartwig had a huge heart for others, no matter who they were or where they were from. Money raised through his foundation,, will be used for projects to help children in Thailand, …